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 (1/6/13) The Doctor and a Crusader. (unfinished?)

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(1/6/13) The Doctor and a Crusader. (unfinished?) Empty
PostSubject: (1/6/13) The Doctor and a Crusader. (unfinished?)   (1/6/13) The Doctor and a Crusader. (unfinished?) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2013 9:05 pm

(You see Dr. Stable.)
> The doctor is in. (URL: Reference. (URL: A large medical red cross with a single bandaid laid diagnoly across it.) Cutie mark. My (URL: furc://equestria:mylittleponytempmap/) home. (URL: Extraordinarily skilled, and highly respected medical physician, along with being a renouned surgeon.) Talent/Career.

(You see SweetieBelle.)
> (URL: (URL:) ref

Dr. Stable was outside but close enough to his workplace to quickly return back if he received an urgent request of his presence. As much as he did love his job and his talent, a very much needed break every now and again was just the ticket to take a breather and gather his thoughts. He gave a hearted sigh and a light smile as he took in the scenery. He inhaled the scent of the flowers and trees and stood watching fellow ponies roam about the town, doing their errands and jobs. His stethoscope draped over his neck and monocle laced in his front pocket, retiring them for his break time.

SweetieBelle: had be galloping around, being kicked out of Rarity's house, both of her friends very busy doing stuff with their family. Sweetie Belle had nopony to turn to, hang out with and do stuff with. Turning the corner coming back from Sweetie Apple Acres, she was very close to the town. When suddenly she let out a soft eep, a loose rock was in the road which she didnt see, she hit it with her left forehoof and took a tumble off the side of the road and into a muddy ditch. Laying there for a few seconds, she lets out a winced groan, reaching up with her other hoof to rub at the sore one,"Ouch." she winces

Dr. Stable found it about time to venture out a little further. He trotted down the road a little ways and spotted a young filly. She had appeared to be in a predicament. He galloped over to her, his medical lab coat's tail swaying up in down in the backsweep. He stopped beside her and knelt down. "Are you alright, little one?" Concern clouded his normal calm and gentle deep voice. He lent her a large hoof to help lift her out of the filthy ditch. "Take it easy." He gestured.

SweetieBelle: in a bit of a daze her eyes were spinning, but she saw the big stallion doctor standing over the edge of the ditch infront of her. She reached up with her hoof taking his and was slowly pulled out of the mud, luckly it was all mud, she lets out a little groan and flops onto the ground holding her left forehoof. Glancing up at him she winced a little,"Ugh yea than mister, i think i hurt my hoof."

Dr. Stable's eyes were sparked with concern for the filly for a second. "Take it easy, little one. Don't move." He gave her a strict order in his soft deep voice. He knew just what to do, as he has seen this many times before. Very carefully he lowered himself to the ground and scoop the filly up onto his back where she would be safe and comfortable without moving. He carefully carried her into his hospital and as he made his way down the hall, he magically snatched up a clipboard and files from the front desk and floated them along side himself. He reached the room and placed her down carefully upon the cushioned bed with his magic. Then he took back out his monocle and placed in infront of his right bright blue eye. "Now then. What were you doing exactly? Don't be afraid, I wont hurt you." He gave her a reassuring smile. "Tell me exactly what hurts."

SweetieBelle: laying there on his back, she lets out loud relaxed sigh and snuggles up flopping there like a blanket and lays her face against his mane as they take the trip to the hospital, she hoped Rarity wouldnt get worried. She lifted her head once there and when put down, stretches and lays there on the comfortable bed glancing up at him giggling at his monocle,"Heh thats silly." she listened to his question responding with,"Oh i was galloping from my friends house back to town and i triped over a rock." than points to her left hoof

Dr. Stable smiled at her comment towards his monocle and tapped at it with a hoof. "I do my best to keep fashionable, haha." He gave her a playful wink. "Now then, you must be careful where you tread young one. It could have been much worse." He gave her a warning voice then smiled warmly. "Let's take a look and see what I can do, shall we?" He floated the clipboard back behind him onto a counter top and laid it down. Then gently reached for the injured hoof, examining it first with his eyes and assessing then gingerly touching it, feeling to see if it may be broken. "Well you are very lucky," He looked up from examining to peer at her then back down again. "It is not broken but very sprained and you withstand a few bruises." He set the hoof down and turned to write on the file then turned back. "You'll be just fine after i treat it but you must keep off of that hoof for a day or two at least."

SweetieBelle: nodding her head several times, she listens to the funny doctor or at least trys her best, a few times her eyes drift off looking at the various things in his office. She glances back and smirks up at him, starting to swish her tail happily, now that shes potentionally making a new friend. Her tail continues to twitch as she nods,"Alright i think i can go find a pile of fabric to lay in at my sisters shop." she says looking up at him with her eyes big and sparkly,"Can you walk me home?"

Dr. Stable gave a chuckle and a nod. "It would indeed be an honor to escourt one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders back home safely, but first let's get you treated." He gave her a charming, playful smile. The good doctor turned around and rifled through some cabnets and drawers and brought out some support sticks and bandages. He quickly but carefully placed the supports on the leg and wrapped them tightly. Then made sure it was stable and nodded. "That should keep it safe and secure while it heals, just keep off of it for a while." He gave her a smile. Then he pulled out a bandaid from behind him with his magic and floated it over to a cut on her flank and chuckled. "Well, what do you know? A bandaid cutie mark wouldnt look too bad on you." he gave her a wink.

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(1/6/13) The Doctor and a Crusader. (unfinished?)
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