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 Dream and Forum overhaul

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Dream and Forum overhaul Empty
PostSubject: Dream and Forum overhaul   Dream and Forum overhaul Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2013 3:16 am

Considering recent incidents involving previous patrons/owners and infractions that occurred in the Equesteria dream, it is hereby noted that Macintosh has relinquished her position as co-owner of Equesteria. Puzzlemint has assumed full control with 4-Speed. Myself and Rainbow Dash have taken on the tasks of aiding in the revitalization of this dream to make it a better, more enriching place to be. The way I see it is I would like to see patrons come into the dream and thoroughly enjoy their experiences. Limiting the members to hardly any options in RP choices constricts the experience and the joy of it.

I will be re-doing the rules for the dream and site over the course of the next week and I would like to extend my apologies to anyone who had left Equesteria due to a recent falling out regarding rule restrictions and Macintosh's departure. I have spoken to Puzzle about revamping the rules and I have opted for a no-barred dream with very little exceptions. I find it's more important to make your patrons want to remain a part of your community and find the atmosphere welcoming as opposed to pushing people away with a bad taste in their mouths. I also want to keep Equesteria from suffering any bad reputation. Something that nearly happened recently under the previous run by Macintosh.

A lot of people have left us to follow Macintosh, which despite this, we will carry on regardless, and attempt to build the dream up to a better, more enjoyable level. Currently, we have enlisted a new patch artist in which over time, the commissioned works will be seen incorporated into Equesteria and the dream improved. We plan on getting Ponyville up, other areas following as the dream gets more attention and previous areas are completed.

For now, we are in the process of transference. Bear with us as we are undergoing a change and managing construction. Periodicity we will have updates in this section on the dream and the status of what is going on. For now, feel free to join us in Equesteria with a better atmosphere then experienced previously.
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Dream and Forum overhaul
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