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 Pipsqueak the Pirate!

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PostSubject: Pipsqueak the Pirate!   Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:53 am

Canon Name: Pipsqueak

Furcaida Name:#SfPipsqueak

Why do you want this character?: I would like to play Pipsqueak not only because he's one of my favorite background ponies but I also want a chance to experiment with roleplaying/writing British accents... While still with one foot (hoof) in my comfort zone of this dream and MLP. I'd also like to play a few more foal/CMC Age characters, since I don't RP that many, and I'm trying something new. I'm not exactly a stranger to playing younger characters, I have played as a foal one other time in another dream, but not a Brit, so this should be interesting.

How often are you online?: Just about everyday, but I do have a life and I may be online and I may not be.

Personality: Pipsqueak is an enthusiastic little earth foal, although a little bit of a gullible little guy. Easy to startle, especially on Nightmare Night with all the superstitions and scary stories floating around, although in the end of it he ended up with a new favorite princess: the one that all the superstitions were revolved around, or what she used to be when she was corrupted. Hailing from Trottingham and moved to Ponyville, this little pinto is adventurous and imaginative.

Sample Post: Pipsqueak trotted along with the group of fillies and colts in assorted costumes, with his red 'hat' on his head and eyepatch with a white skull on it across one big brown eye. A pirate's shirt was found on his body to complete the costume. He shook with excitement, but also with fright. They were on a roughly worn down path in the Everfree forest. Zecora was careful not to take them too deep, and he trusted the odd zebra. A sense of mingling fear and excitement was dense around the small throng of young fillies and colts. As the group stopped, he glanced around and looked up, letting out a startled cry at the stone statue before them. The other foals screamed as well. Zecora narrowed her eyes and silenced them. She began to tell a story, but Pip's mind was wandering, his eyes fixed warily on the statue. The stone statue of a horrific, fiendish pony with razor sharp fangs and angry eyes glaring them down. He was, however, listening to Zecora's story, and caught the monster's name. Nightmare Moon.

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PostSubject: Re: Pipsqueak the Pirate!   Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:06 pm

Staff Voteing


Thank you for editing ^^
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Pipsqueak the Pirate!
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