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 Dream Staff Hiring Info

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Lauren Faust
Lauren Faust

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PostSubject: Dream Staff Hiring Info   Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:26 am

Current Hiring Info:
Hiring/Not Hiring

Spots We are hireing for:
Welcomer [ Normaly hang out in the OOC area and welcome new ponies they can also answer questions in chat and transfer new ponies to the right channels ]
Helper [ Helpers answer most questions and transfer ponies to a channel if they need it ]
Char Creation [ Char Creation is headed by Lady Rarity it is a group of ponies that know alot about the show who help other ponies build a pony that will fit into the dream ]
Bugge [ The Bugge are headed by Gerolkae and make up the coders for the dream you most know about codeing to join this group]
Patcher [ Help with the patching they are ether volunteer or have been commisoned by the dream owner]
Eventers [ Do random games and things in the dream just to have fun]
Teacher [ Teachers help new rpers learn to rp and other things]


Here is how we desided the amount of staff needed in the dream:
* We look at the &Dreamstats
* We want at least 1 Staff to every 10 ponies
* At the end of the month when it is time for the reload we check the stats and post them if we have over 10 ponies per staff we will open a staff spot.

List of &dreamstats

Dream Reload Jan. 4th 2013
DREAM UPTIME: This dream has been online 17 day(s) 7 hour(s) and 2 minute(s)
VISIT COUNTER: The number of visits since this dream version uploaded: 2474
Max visitors in dream: 31
Current Amount of staff: 6
Current Amount of staff needed: 3
Spots Opened: No
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Dream Staff Hiring Info
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