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 my first ever log....

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my first ever log.... Empty
PostSubject: my first ever log....   my first ever log.... Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2013 6:18 am

um..its an Rp with me and Raiant Flame. im not really sure how to just post whats said....i guess.

Miss Cheerilee sat in her garden, tending a very strange and interesting looking plant that had several flowers shaped like Saxaphones that let out soothing saxaphone music as the wind blew over them smiling and humming along to the tune, enjoying the smell of the plants
Radiant Flame had made her rounds about the small town already. Helping out any in need who needed her very 'special' talent. Her odd jobs keeping her occupied and earning her some extra bits here and there for spending. She bounced along, humming to herself. She figured she would go see who else needed any fiery assistence. She suddenly spotted the teacher in mid-bounce and smiled. "Hi Miss Cheerilee!!" She waved her hoof and bounced over to the teacher. "How are you today? This garden looks lovely!" She giggled as the flowers made beautiful music and her own candy flowers that loomed in her' vision' danced along with the sax's music. She watched them for a moment and giggled then looked towards the teacher.
Miss Cheerilee looks up and smiles "Oh hello Radient! its nice to see you! And thank you, I worked hard on my garden. Some of these plants come from the Everfree Forest and such. i find them and grow them." She sits down and pats the ground "would you like to join me for tea? i have a fresh pot.
Radiant Flame smiled excitedly and nodded. "I would love to, thank you!" She smiled down at the flowers as she sat. "They are adorable! The Everfree has some very cute things! I don't understand why everypony is so afraid.." She shook her head and giggled. The Everfree forest in her eyes was a very colorful and candy filled place. But she was unlike every other pony.
Miss Cheerilee chuckles and goes and brings out the tea and two cups and sets it down at a table in the garden "i know some of my plants seem strange but gardening helps me to relax. i rather enjoy it.
Radiant Flame nods and scoops up her tea cup with her magic and sips. "I don't think they are strange at all, Miss Cheeriliee! I quite like them! and I understand that. I have my own was of relaxation." She giggled as she thought of her own special ways.
Miss Cheerilee sits down and sips the tea "oh? and what might those be if i may ask?" she turned to sniff a golden colored flower with a deep purple throat
Radiant Flame opened her mouth to speak then paused. She thought for a moment then giggled. "Weeeell, I like to watch things sparkle! Only..most of the time I'm not allowed to let things sparkle unless I'm far away from everypony else. I guess other ponies are afraid of my sparkles. But that's okay! I also love to create little fiery butterflies and things with my magic and watch them float around me. It is a lot of fun!" She wanted to show the teacher what she could do, but figured it was best not to scare her friend away. Most ponies don't appreciate their belongings catching aflame (sparkling).
Miss Cheerilee smiles "well i can imagine that they wouldnt and i cant say that i would like any of my things to catch fire. i do have a few rocks you can make sparkle though. if you want to." points to a pile of rocks just outsude the garden
Radiant Flame gave an excited squeal and hopped to her hooves. She gently set down the tea cup wit her magic before she bounced over to rock pile excitedly. She closed her eyes and concentraited for a moment, her horn glowing its brilliant red magic aura. Then suddenly the pile of rocks were set on fire. The flames burning bright red, orange, and yellow and turning the rocks temperature extremely hot. She opened her eyes to find the rock engulfed with her dazzling and colorful sparkles! Oh the rainbowy colors! She wished everypony else could see them like she could. She looked back to the teacher with a huge grin on her face and bounced once. "Tadaa!" She giggled with excitement, then she knew she had to put her sparkles out. So she sighed as her horn lit up again and douced the flames with a quick and heavy blast of cool air, swiftly cutting the flames out so they rocks wouldnt sparkle anymore.
Miss Cheerilee smiles at the adorablness of it all and giggles a bit "that was nice, and it was pretty but i am glad you put out the fire. Id hate to have my garden burned.
Radiant Flame smiled back and nodded. She trotted back over to her spot and sat back down. "Thank you! Hehe, yeah...I try not to let it get out of hoof anymore."
Miss Cheerilee looks a bit aprehensive "anymore? what do you mean by that. what happened?" she sits up, looking a bit curious and hoping that nopony had been hurt.
Radiant Flame grinned nervously and rubbed a forehoof through her mane. "Uh, well...a while back, when I was a little filly, I never knew that I was...different, from every other pony." She gulped and looked down at her tea cup and rubbed her other hoof through the dirt nervously. "I thought everypony could see the world like I see it most of the time. and well, I didnt know back then that my sparkles were actually really dangerous..I kinda...set a few homes and barns on fire...aheh. B-but no pony got hurt!" She tried to smile weakly. "I had learned after that that I was very different and had to control my special gift."
Cheerilee thinks for a bit "did i ever teach you? im not sure as i think i would remember a filly such as you..."
Radiant Flame smiled sheepishly and shook her head. "Oh no, after that I was sent to Canterlot to be taught by powerful unicorns on how to control my talent and how my..'vision' works. And was told there that no pony else is like me so that I must be very careful from then on and remember my 'vision' isnt..well, real.. b-but it is to me!" She frowned for a moment then perked up.
Miss Cheerilee ruffles your mane "well i think you are a nice little filly and that your vision is prefect and your magic is a bit interesting. at least you have learned control
Radiant Flame smiled and shook her head. "awe, thank you Miss Cheerilee! I do try. Now that I am older, it is much easier for me."
Miss Cheerilee smiles and sighs a bit "i have a plant you might like. its called an inferno plant. would you like to see it?
You say, "its from deep in the Everfree Forest."
Radiant Flame gasped and smiled. "Yes! I would love to!" She giggled. She wondered what in Equestria kind of plant could be anything like her.
Miss Cheerilee smiles and leads Radiant to a area that was fenced off and had a small building around it. she opened the door and smiled "well come inside. the plants in here require plenty of darkness.
Radiant Flame got to her hooves and followed the teacher with a happy bounce in her step. She was so excited to see this plant!
Miss Cheerilee entered into the small building and closed the door and then smiled. suddenly a small bush, seeming to be made of different colors of fire shown in the darkness, the colors growing as various plants in the building lit up like fire and torches, each one a different color and shape, each one sparkling like a flaming gem "these are inferno plants....the are bioluminescent with their own internal fires.
Radiant Flame gasped as the light show begun, every little plant lighting up. She grinned and gave a little bounce. "Oh my gosh!! They are beautiful!" Her eyes began to glow as they all reflected off of them. "They are so colorful and bright!"
Miss Cheerilee smiles and sits down "i do like this room, these plantss are all my special plants, i have to keep them locked up otherwise they will burn down the town. also they prefer the darkness to the light so i keep them here.
Radiant Flame held in her excitement as best as she could. "They are incredible!" She trotted over to one carefully and looked closer at it. She wanted to touch one but didnt know if she was able to.
Miss Cheerilee smiles "you can touch one of the plants if you want but be careful as they can burn
Radiant Flame gave a smile and a nod. She turned back to the flower and lifted a hoof to touch at it. It gave her hoof a slight sizzle but that was nothing to the mare. She giggled and bounced. "I love it!!"
Miss Cheerilee smiles and then suddenly drags the silly filly away from the plant and it sends out a puff of sparks and a glowing liquid leaks down the stem "careful! thats a Volcanus Lily....not even dragons can mess with those....
Radiant Flame gasped and flopped over onto her back as she had been dragged backwards. "Oh wow! So cool!" She swayed her tail and got to her hooves. "Hehe, okay I'll be careful!" She gave an innocent smile and looked around at more. "What others are there?"
Cheerilee "well i have many. theres the Inferno plant" ponits to a glowing small tree "then theres a Volcanus Lily, and several others. i cant remember all the names, this is just my glow room."
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my first ever log....
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