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 (1/1/2013) An afternoon in Canterlot~ [to be continued]

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(1/1/2013) An afternoon in Canterlot~ [to be continued] Empty
PostSubject: (1/1/2013) An afternoon in Canterlot~ [to be continued]   (1/1/2013) An afternoon in Canterlot~ [to be continued] Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 3:18 am

(You see SweetieBelle.)

(You see Mi Amore.)
> "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" is a mouthful, so you can just call this princess Cadance! This powder-pink alicorn is niece of Princess Celestia and wife of Shining Armor, but she doesn't expect everypony to bow when she enters a room. She's as down to earth as a princess can be, and she takes simple pleasure in all forms of fun. Her candy-colored mane consists of purple, magenta, and pastel yellow streaks that curl past her wings, and behind her horn sits a royal crown that matches her neckband and hooves. On her flank is a cutie mark of a crystal heart contained in golden frames, a symbol of her ability to spread love and to love endlessly. [ ❤ ]

-- set-up: Sweetie Belle spends the afternoon with Princess Cadance in Canterlot, and the two enjoy a day of hanging out while Cadance foalsits.
* mentions of other canons were made in the beginning to allow for interaction, but did not return.


Sweetie Belle. Instead of teleporting to Canterlot, she and Twilight decided to take the balloon, it was a sight seeing tour over the area between Ponyville and Canterlot and Sweetie certainally was enjoying herself, the wind finally blows them to the castle where they tied up the balloon and were met by Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, she didnt really know Cadance, or exchanged a word with her since the wedding and that was only about what her job was going to be, she glances up at Cadance, her eyes sparkling

Mi Amore and Shining Armor exited the garden and approached the landing balloon, the latter walking off with his little sister while Cadance was left with Sweetie Belle. As explained in Twily's letter, she and Shining Armor were to go see Princess Celestia, and Cadance would be foulsitting her used-to-be flowerfilly; not a problem for Canterlot's greatest foalsitter! After waving goodbye to her husband and sister, Princess Cadance lowered her head to the sparkly-eyed little filly and smiled. "Hello again, Sweetie Belle," she greeted. "It's so good to see you again. How have you been?" she asked the little unicorn.

Sweetie Belle smiles big and wide showing off a pretty set of white teeth, she swishes her tail about happily, fluttering it in the wind, the little filly looks up at the princess and murrs softly,"Oh ive been doing ok, got a lot of good grades in school." she starts to bounce around happily like she always does instead of walking and bounces herself around Cadance a few times, overly happy, she smiles,"My sis let me come with Twilight because i got so many, plus she needed time alone to work on her dumb fabric." she sticks her tongue out

Mi Amore craned her head around to watch as the little filly bounced around her, the princess's eyes following Sweetie's every movement while she responded with a smile. Stepping forward and leading the little unicorn with her, Cadance started walking towards the castle, hopefully with Sweetie Belle in tow; she giggled when Sweetie stuck out her tongue, gently rolling her eyes upward. "Well that's all good news! I'm glad Rarity let you visit." Honestly, Cadance was shocked to see Rarity hadn't latched herself to the bottom of the balloon to tag along, what with how in love with Canterlot the older unicorn was; she'd heard about Rarity's Canterlot adventures before. "I was thinking we could go into town and get some lunch today. Is there anything in particular you like to eat, Sweetie?"

Sweetie Belle bright green eyes widen and start to sparkle as she trots alongside the larger alicorn, she nods her head,"Well i really like hay fries, Scootaloo got me into eating those, Rarity lets me eat them every once awhile, tells me to limit myself." she shifts her eyes off to one side,"Hmmm i like salads with dressing." and with that comment, the small fillies stomach lets out a large gurgle adresssing that she was rather hungry

Mi Amore tossed her head back and laughed, her stride slow to allow Sweetie to keep up. "Both sound really good to me. There's a little café I used to take Twily to, I think you'll like it." She lowered her head and gave the little filly an affectionate nuzzle on the top of her head, then lifted her off the ground in her magic. With Sweetie Belle wrapped in an aura of blue light, Cadance placed the hungry little filly on her back and continued to trot, her wings spanning at her sides to give the filly in place between them. "How are Scootaloo and Apple Bloom?" she'd ask conversationally, excited to hear how the other flower fillies were faring.

Sweetie Belle lays there on her back, flopping down flat like a blanket and relaxes there closing her eyes for a second before they open back a bit, she smiles warmly churring a bit, giggling as she remembered the little nickname that you and Shining call Twilight,"Twily." she snickers to herself than her ears perk up and she glances up at Cadance,"Their doing pretty good, we recruited another cutie mark crusader...." she chews on her bottomlip wondering if Cadance knew about their little club

Mi Amore cocked her head with a grin, her gaze locked on her own horn - you know, seeing as she couldn't look over her shoulder without her mane sending Sweetie Belle flying! "Oh, you did?" she asked excitedly, eager to let the filly know that she was just as ecstatic about the news as Sweetie was. "And what's the new Crusader's name?" she pressed on. Cadance knew all about the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the little trio of cutiemark-less fillies and their secret clubhouse; again, being related to Twilight Sparkle kept the alicorn up-to-date on most happenings in Ponyville. While she waited for Sweetie to tell her about the new crusader, she turned onto the cobblestone pathway towards town, trotting lightly as buildings began to come into view. Unicorns of all sizes and colors were out and about in the streets, none of the fancy-looking ponies sparing the alicorn princess and her teeny companion a glance.

Sweetie Belle her heart beats faster and she lets out a excited squeak and with a deep intake of air she begans to swish her tail and smile,"Hmm." she giggles very excited about being able to tell her friend,"Erm well her name is Babs Seed and shes from Manehatten, shes Applebloom's cousin too." she looks up studying Cadance's mane wondering if she would let her style it,"And shes gonna start a new branch of our club in that town."

Mi Amore's gaze returned to the road as she walked, letting Sweetie giggle and squeak and swish at the surroundings."Ah, another Apple pony!" She observed with a smile. Seems those Apples lived everywhere in Equestria. As they approached their destination, Cadance started to lift Sweetie Belle off of her back and placed the little filly in front of her, smiling. "Here we are!" she exclaimed, gesturing to the doorway of the building: it had large pastel-pink windows with gold swirls, a striped pink and purple awning, and a hoofful of café tables set up outside; above the door in cursive print read Fleur's. Cadance extended hoof and opened the door for Sweetie, letting her step in first. Inside, the little filly would find a high counter with a display case of tasty looking sandwiches, salads, and yogurts, all elegant-looking but expensive. "After you, Sweetie Belle~" Cadance bowed, watching to ensure the little pony went inside and didn't wander off.

Sweetie Belle chews on her bottomlip stepping inside a place that looks like somewhere Rarity would go eating, but she liked to eat healthy too, she swishes her tail and glances at the counter, rushes over and pushes her face against the glass and looks at all of the yummy treats inside, she smiles turning her head back to Cadance,"Do we sit down and get a menu and everything?" her tail swishes in a pink/purple blurr behind her

Mi Amore followed her inside and beamed, the door closing behind her. "We sure do!" Cadance trotted over to a booth and climbed inside, leaving both seats - the one across from her and the one next to her - open for Sweetie Belle to sit, too. On the table sat two menus, and Cadance wrapped one in her magic and lifted it and began to read. "Order whatever you want, Sweetie Belle! They have super yummy dandelion sandwiches here," the princess said, her eyes already glancing over the menu. Once the little unicorn filly decided what she wanted to eat, a waitress would probably come and take their order.

Sweetie Belle sat down on the comfy chair and relaxes for a bit, her horn lights up and sparkles a bit shooting bits of sparks various places, but with a grunt she focuses and manages to lift the menu up slowly but her magic fades and it drops back, she lets out an annoyed huff than grumbles and grabs the menu up with her hooves and begans to go over it,"Meh i might have a salad and some yogurt." she giggles her eyes getting wide and sparkle some,"Mmm with berrys and nuts."

Mi Amore peered over her menu at Sweetie's struggle, shaking her head with a delicate smile. She resisted the urge to lift the menu for the girl herself, but her magic wouldn't improve if Cadance did the work for her. When Sweetie spoke, Cadance magic'd her menu out from in between them, giving them room to talk. "Mmm," Cadance agreed; yogurt with berries and nuts sounded delicious! She set down her menu with a snap, folding both her hooves in front of her on the table. "I think I'll get the same as you, then." When a unicorn approached to take their order, Cadance glanced from the waitress to Sweetie Belle and tilted her head, smirking. "Would you like to do the honors, Sweetie?" She imagined Rarity was the type to seldom let Sweetie Belle order, so Cadance thought it might be a fun change of pace if Sweetie ordered for both of them!

Sweetie Belle lets out a soft squeak than smiles wide swishing her tail side to side,"Hmm." she turns to face the waitress,"Well me and my foalsitter would like a nice creamy vanilla yogurt with granolla and a varity of any berries you got." she turns to Cadance and giggles,"Its hard to pick between berries, their just all so nice and juicy." her tongue hangs out and she drools a little on her own coat before eeping and puts it back in her muzzle

Mi Amore stifles her laughter with a hoof, her magic gathering up the discarded menus and handing them over to the waitress. "Go ahead and add two salads onto that, too," she adds, pointing a hoof at the waitress. "-with extra dressing!" As the waitress bowed and turned to go get their food, Cadance folded her hooves again and watched the little filly with a smile. "Thank you for ordering, Sweetie Belle. So " she leaned forward and rested her head in her hooves, her elbows resting on the table's edge; if there was a handbook for Princess Behavior 101, Cadance never got it! There was nothing royal about how she was sitting. "Besides a new CMC-member, what else is going on in Ponyville~?" Again, Cadance was excited to hear all about what Sweetie Belle and her friends were up to, as well as Rarity, Twily, and the others; Cadance so rarely got a chance to go out to Ponyville and see everypony, so getting information second-hoof from Sweetie would have to do. Besides, the food was gonna take a while to come!

Sweetie Belle chews on her bottomlip trying to remember all the things that happened,"Well Pinkie pie found a magic lake under ground and made magical copys of herself...hmm than me and the cutie mark crusaders andddd our sisters all wet camping, that was so awesome, but i think Scootaloo had the most fun, she and Rainbow are like sisters now or something." she giggles the young filly liked to talk more than the other two, due to her sister,"And well ohhhhh what kinda dressing do you think they'll put on it?"

Mi Amore fanned her hoof, her wings folding behind her. "Well seeing as we're in Canterlot, I imagine they'll put something light and healthy on it, probably something good for you." 'Something your sister would probably enjoy,' she wanted to add, but did not. While she waited for the food to arrive, she glanced around the pretty little café absent-mindedly, observing other ponies eating lunch and chatting and ..... started to worry that maybe taking Sweetie Belle out to eat wasn't such a good idea, after all. Was she not having fun? Would she have preferred playing outside instead? OH. Should Cadance have taken her to the palace instead....!? Nervously, Cadance turned back to Sweetie and smiled cheesily, trying to hide her anxiousness. "I love Canterlot!" she continued on, trying to keep the filly's attention and take her own mind off her worry. "Have you ever been here besides the wedding, Sweetie Belle?"

Sweetie Belle eeps at the sudden outburst about Cadance's love of Canterlot, she nearly fell out of her chair, letting out a soft giggle with both ears flicking a couple times, she stares up at Cadnace and murrs a bit,"Hmmm welllll i was here on a field trip, ermmm before Discord came out, me and my friends fought in that garden over something." she forgot what they fought over though,"And i really wanted to go to the grand galloping gala but Rarity wouldnt let me." she grumbles

Mi Amore snorted, nearly rolling her eyes! The unicorn waitress returned, levitating their food and placing in front of them two giant bowls of salad (-with extra dressing!), a pitcher of water, two glasses, two bowls of yogurt, and a heaping helping of various berries and nuts, as well as utensils, napkins, and the like, all of which were neatly lined up and presented in Canterlot-style elegance. Cadance did not yet dig in, but continued conversation. "The Gala," she sighed, tossing her bangs out of her eyes. "Trust me, Sweetie, Rarity was right; the Gala is always such a giant bore." She levitated her fork beside her, picking up a bite of salad with it; she almost brought up her obnoxious cousin, Prince Blueblood, but figured she ought not to, especially after the fallout he had with Rarity. Instead, she took a bite of her salad. Yummy!

Sweetie Belle starting with the salad at first, she churrs and leans her face in and starts to munch and nibble on the crispy green salad, she wags her tail panting softly seeing how sweet and tasty the dressing was, letting out a deep exhale of air, after she swallows, she nibbles on one of the crutons and grins up at the princess,"Ah yea Rarity told me alll about the gala, but Pinkie pie did make it fun i think." she puts a hoof under her chin thinking but shrugs going back to munching than lifts her head saying with a full muzzle,"Mmmmm yea this really is yummy."

Mi Amore smiled. "You're right - Pinkie Pie did make it fun. All of your sister's friends did. I heard it was one of the best Galas ever, in fact." Not that it was hard to upstage the dry, boring galas that preceded it, but still. Cadance's fork hovered alongside her as she watched Sweetie Belle dig in, another bite of salad lingering on the end. The pink alicorn narrowed her eyes and cocked her head with an endearing grin, her fork waggling in her magic at the little unicorn. "You know, my aunt mentioned something about you being a hungry little filly," she teased, taking another bite of the really yummy salad. Oh yeah, salad was definitely a good choice - and so healthy for a growing Crusader, she thought!

(-- to be continued. :p)
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(1/1/2013) An afternoon in Canterlot~ [to be continued]
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