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 (12/27/2012) Headline! Royal couple's whistlestop tour picnic disaster!

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(12/27/2012) Headline! Royal couple's whistlestop tour picnic disaster! Empty
PostSubject: (12/27/2012) Headline! Royal couple's whistlestop tour picnic disaster!   (12/27/2012) Headline! Royal couple's whistlestop tour picnic disaster! Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 7:03 am

(You see Cptn. Shining Armor.)
> Dutiful commander, loving husband, and nurturing brother...Shining Armor was all of these things and more. Unusually buff for his species, the tall white unicorn was never far from his wife's side, nor was he often seen without his favorite uncle's badge. However, contrary to the stereotypical image of a military commander, Shining was usually a jovial, gentle-spirited pony, a smile usually gracing his handsome, youthful features.

(You see Mi Amore.)
> "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" is a mouthful, so you can just call this princess Cadance! This powder-pink alicorn is niece of Princess Celestia and wife of Shining Armor, but she doesn't expect everypony to bow when she enters a room. She's as down to earth as a princess can be, and she takes simple pleasure in all forms of fun. Her candy-colored mane consists of purple, magenta, and pastel yellow streaks that curl past her wings, and behind her horn sits a royal crown that matches her neckband and hooves. On her flank is a cutie mark of a blue crystal heart contained in golden frames, a symbol of her ability to spread love and to love endlessly. [ ? (URL: ? ? ]

(You see Spikey Wikey.)
> Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant! Also the best little dragon brother a unicorn could ask for.

(You see Stormdance.)

(You see Apple BloomEAT.)
> wip

Cptn. Shining Armor sat on the massive red royal picnic quilt beside his beloved wife. He waved and smiled as ponies and other assorted creatures began to pour into the gathering. It wasn't too formal...shining was clad in just his uncle's badge, forgoing his formal attire. After all, they were outside in the cool air and sunshine. Why bother with such things? He gently nudged Cadance and whispered to her. "Quite a turnout...I didn't expect so many ponies to show up to this...public...relations...thing." He was at a loss as to what to call it.

Mi Amore wrapped a cupcake in her magic and lifted it in front of Shining Armor, giving her husband a gentle nuzzle. "The royal hoofshake meet-and-greet, I think Aunt Celestia called it." The princess gave a slight shrug and wiggled the cupcake in Shining's Armor face, playfully trying to get frosting on his face. The princess didn't bother dressing up - the picnic blanket looked far fancier than she did. She glanced around at the ponies around the park, trying to pick out ones she recognized; she was pretty sure the blue unicorn mare was the one Twilight was scared to invite to the wedding, of course she knew Spike, and she was happy to see that one of her flower girls had attended the picnic, too!

Spikey Wikey scoffs. "Come on, have you guys read a magazine since you got married? The power of your love literally saved Equestria." He gags for a moment. "Ponies won't stop talking about it. Seriously." Naturally, the little dragon had done much of the grunt-work of preparing the oversized picnic, big enough for anypony who stops by to have a bite. He lies in front of a small bowl of various gems, popping them into his mouth like bits of popcorn. "So, what plans do you guys have now? I mean, I thought I heard some of the crystal ponies calling you *their* princess. Twilight kept going on about what that could mean, but she had like a dozen theories and none of them really made sense."

Apple Bloom sat on the edge of the picnic gathering, a lone apple lying before her. Seated comfortably upon the quilt, the little crusader was plotting. With the absence her best friends at the moment, she was left to plan their next major adventure herself. A forehoof toyed with the red orb before her, and she couldn't help but feel a little rude for not being more social at the gathering in the presence of royalty. Of course she had attended the wedding, and honorably as a flower girl. She knew the couple were more laid back than other Canterlotters she had met. But the idea of royalty still made her a bit nervous. Occasionally she would offer smiles to those gathered, but she mainly kept to her thoughts, lost in her crusading adventures.

Stormdance. Storm was not one to care for royalty, picnics, or rather merriment in general: he was more comfortable soaking in the excellence of a well-written book or a one-on-one conversation rather than these awkward social gatherings. There the grey stallion sat, quiet and still like a statue, beneath a tree some distance away. The mere thought of communicating or being closer seemed to leech his energy and put a drain on his spirit; yet still he sat at a distance close enough to overhear these conversations as he dove deeper into this ancient text written by an unknown author. Who cared what it was about, for he had stopped paying attention a while ago, for there came distinct voices from the picnic area. A snort was given as he tried in vain to drown out the noises and focus inwardly on the words that seemed to not even strike his attention; they were merely there. How bland.

Cptn. Shining Armor snorted and laughed as his wife managed to get pale green frosting on his nose. "S-stop it!" he said quietly, levitating a napkin with his own unicorn magic and dabbing at the sugary substance. He looked around, surveying the picnic's attendees for himself. He noticed the flower girl, and then his eyes fell on a grayish pony who seemed not to be particularly involved. He stood and trotted lightly over to him. "Hey, there, buddy...whatcha reading?" He asked casually, doing his best to engage the other male.

Mi Amore giggled, taking the opportunity to finish his cupcake while he cleaned up. While Shining got up to mingle, she instead turned to Spike. "You say that like it's a big deal or something," she teased, brushing cupcake crumbs from her mouth. "We're planning to stay with the Crystal Kingdom, that's for sure. Those ponies are in serious need of some kind of rule now that Sombra's gone." She gave another shrug, trying hard not to appear worried or sigh; she'd already gone through a very therapeutic conversation with the Doctor over it. "Although I would like to hear Twilight's theories about it." She stopped, glancing over to where Shining had wandered off to before returning her attention to Spike. "Should we go with him?" She had wanted to go greet her favorite flower filly, but...

Spikey Wikey shrugs. "Gloomy Pages over there isn't really much of one for crowds. And he thinks two ponies is a crowd. Come on, Shining can handle himself." He turns to Apple Bloom. "Hey, in all the excitement I kinda forgot whether you actually got to meet the real Princess Cadence, or just that bug. Come on, she's not that scary."

Apple Bloom had slumped forward onto her chest, head propped up by one hoof while the other batted the apple left and right. Ideas ideas. Her attention was caught by the casual dabbing of frosting between the spouses, and she smirked at the simplicity of it. Before offering a reply to Spike, she held the apple up to take a bite, catching a glimpse of the position of the sun. The sun! Where had the time gone? She had promised Granny she'd help with the jar sorting. Scrambling to her feet, she collected her saddle bags and few belongings, shouting apologies and farewells over her shoulder to the gathering, heading hurriedly home.

Stormdance. His awkward seating position had been, for the most part, making him look like a rock, yet curses! He had been so persistent on merely lounging about like a downcast cloud, but the party apparently was attracted to him like iron shavings to a magnet. A studious, annoyed look crossed his facial features as he spoke, "Nothing of too much importance; just theories on how one can use an anafront through proper concentration on an anticyclonic cloud base can cause all assortments of weather patterns, particularly a downburst and/or downdraft to replicate the ideal conditions for a thunderstorm." He'd lift a hoof as if meant to roll in a matter-of-fact fashion, a single eyebrow crooked as he translated, "Essentially, it is an hypothesis of how to make even the tiniest storm through use of magic. Quite a dull read; I prefer working through experience, and the results thus far have been... satisfactory." Which meant all he could do was summon a small thunderbolt from a tiny cloud.

Cptn. Shining Armor blinked a couple of times, then laughed softly. "No doubt my sis would have understood every word without the need for you to explain. You should meet her. I'm sure the two of you would get along great." He swished his tail back and forth slightly. "Uh...if you get hungry or thirsty, we've got all kinds of refreshments over this way. I could even bring ya something if you wanted. We have fritters, cupcakes, cider, salad...and quite a few other things. Any of that sound interesting?" He did his best to be cordial and friendly, despite the lack of apparent common ground with the other stallion.

Mi Amore shot a bothered glance at the back of Shining's head before getting up from the blanket and trotting behind Spike. As they approached the filly, she smiled at Apple Bloom and started to wave, about to ask the girl remembered her.... before she ran away... Down the hill. .... Cadance stood there awkwardly with her hoof, then turned to blink at the little purple dragon. "Was it something I said?" She turned to walk off and meet with other ponies, waiting for Spike to be her guide and giving him a pleading please help me with this-kinda smile; she worried trotting up casually to anypony else like she did Apple Bloom would bear similar results.

Spikey Wikey Looks at Apple Bloom as she races down the hill, staring after her in confusion. "Maybe she... left the oven on?" He spins around, suddenly deciding to pretend that hadn't happened. He smiles and waves, moving into the crowd that had gathered tightly together a safe distance away from the actual royal couple, leading pony after pony into the center of the picnic. "Hey, This is Princess Cadence. She's really nice, and she's basically Twilight's Sister." "Hey, don't worry, I know she's a princess but she's really cool." "Come on, she just wants to get to know everypony better."

Stormdance. A less than friendly grin was given towards this white and blue stallion, 'brows furrowed slightly as he spoke, "Of course, I would always enjoy an intellectual conversation with someone who understood what I am trying to achieve. It is so very complex, and I rarely encounter said individual; woe to me." He would shake his mane prior to emitting a glow from his horn to turn the page, determination to ignore this other fueling him on rather than the desire to actually learn something from the aged, sun-paled pages. "Refreshments will not be necessary; I must not be distracted by such idle chit-chat and silly consumption of sweets. They dull the thought process, unfortunately." That was that from him. Thus he continued to read in his book, yet chanced a longing look towards the other ponies, sorrow sweeping into his heart momentarily before he cursed silently to himself. Social gatherings were his weak point; no use in trying to conquer it.

Mi Amore gave quick hoofshakes, hoofbumps, nods, and waves to everypony Spike trotted her towards, her smile gigantic as ponies quickly exchanged names with her before wandering off. As the circle of ponies broadened, Cadance breathed heavily, her eyes scanning for a royal stallion; she saw him a small ways away, leaving the company of .... what had Spike called him? Gloomy Pages? Guess that meant it was her turn to be friendly. Trotting past her husband - who gave her a brief, defeated look - Cadance approached the charcoal-colored unicorn. "Hi there! Having a good time?"

Spikey Wikey as the last of the visitors moves into the Picnic at large and becomes more comfortable with the pink alicorn princess, Spike lets himself enjoy a little self-satisfied smirk. This vanishes as she sees Shining Armor moving away from Stormdancer at the gesture of one of his guards, and sees Cadence moving in toward the introverted unicorn. He scrambles over, not wanting to see the princess's heart crushed on the scholar's well known jagged exterior. He gets just between the two, waving a claw at him. "Hey... hey uh... storm... Stormgloom? I know you're really into that book, even though it would make a lot more sense to read it in, you know, the library than out here, but you should really meet Princess Cadence!"

Stormdance. Perhaps the words were actually going to ring in his mind for once, perhaps he would have the great oppurtunity of actually- nope. Another interruption plagued his afternoon as the hostess arrived inquiring about his present state of being and all that nonsense. If only he could complain... "It depends on your definition of having a good time, Princess." Once more the matter-of-fact hoof came forth, eyes rolling upwards as he spoke, "My definition is aligning quite nicely with having a good time, yours may speak the contrary. The perfect formation of clouds today is allowing me to get a first hoof experience with the potential of a storm." He would turn an angry eye in the purple dragon's direction, a snort being produced as he practically seemed to bark, "The name is Storm Dancer, young reptile. I would have stayed inside today if my house wasn't thoroughly soaked through." Ah yes, a conversation with the princess should be refreshing, yet none could compare to the intellectual exchange he and Princess Celestia had had a couple of days ago. "So, the princess deems me worth of her acquaintance with a newcomer? I hardly know anyone's name around here, not much should be expected from the 'New Foal'."

Mi Amore narrowed her eyes at his .... um, "fun having" curiously, but continued to smile. "Uh-huh," she replied quietly. I can see why Shining Armor took off, she thought. As Spike leapt between them (and as Stormdance started to bark at him!), Cadance wrapped him in her magic and pushed him behind her, stepping in front to prevent the stallion from picking on her friend. "Indeed the princess does," she continued, putting on her best impression of her aunt - regal manetoss included. "Shining Armor and I are trying to become better acquainted with Princess Celestia's subjects, so she organized this little get-together to get everypony out and about. It's a pleasure to meet you, Stormdance." She gave a small curtsy, letting go of Spike as she bowed her head.

Spikey Wikey Sulks a little as he's hidden behind Cadence. "Like anypony's ever seen you dance..." he mutters, crossing his little dragon arms. Still, he felt happy to have forced her into being more assertive with the brooding pony, because he knew from experience he would just walk all over her otherwise.

Stormdance. He grew irate now. His voice was furious as he stood, "My name is Storm Dancer, not Stormdance!" He stamped a hoof into the ground as he summoned his book back into his satchel with a faint glow of his horn, eyes narrowed and brow furrowed as he spoke, "And I don't dance in the sense you think." With this, he stormed off (haha), tail lashing behind him as he briskly galloped home. He had never been so insulted in his life!

Mi Amore lifted her head as he stomped off and narrowed her eyes at his exit. Although the little pony in her head was stomping her hooves, batting the princess, and throwing a hissy fit, the very real, very polite princess just blew her mane out of her face and glowered. "I don't think I like this whole meet-and-greet thing, after all," she commented to Spike, crossing her forehooves in front of her with a sigh; I don't think I'm cut out for this whole Princess thing is what she really meant.

Spikey Wikey pats her on the side. "It's ok, Princess. Ponyville can be a tough crowd sometimes, but you can't let a couple of ponies get you down." He thinks for a moment. "Hey, when Luna was here you know what got ponies to open up to her?" He throws his claws out, having completely missed the point of what had happened that night. "Games! We need to set up some fun things to do!"

Mi Amore smiled, giving Spike a gentle nudge with her hoof. "Games, right." Glancing over her shoulder in the direction Stormdance .... -r had run off in, she resisted the urge to sigh and bury her head in the dirt right there; it was only two ponies she'd chased off today, after all! Just two.... "You go ahead and get that set up, Spike, I'll catch up with you in a bit." She gestured her hoof towards her regal red picnic blanket and gave her head a slight toss. "I'm gonna go see what happened to Shining Armor." With that, Cadance trotted off towards her husband, actually thinking some games may cheer her up after she talked with Shining Armor
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(12/27/2012) Headline! Royal couple's whistlestop tour picnic disaster!
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