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 Cloud Kicker's application!

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PostSubject: Cloud Kicker's application!   Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:41 am

Quick note; this will be my second Canon. Fluttershy is my main and Inspira is my OC. Just so you guys know. :3

Canon Name: Cloud Kicker

Furcaida Name: Cloud Kicker

Why do you want this character?: Cloud Kicker (to me) is a hyper, physically active and usually excited Pegasus mare who always seems to make an appearance when something is going down or when there is a party in the works. As far as to how she is outside of that or how she lives her life day by day… it’s a wide open and blank canvas! Despite how some portray her in the fandom, I can borrow some aspects to make her a lovable and goofy mare who oft finds herself in a dicey situation and likes to take her friends along for the ride. She’s a flexible character that can fit the rambunctious and playful role well, and I plan on playing her as such!

How often are you online?: Every day if possible, usually for five to six hours each night depending if I have to raid or not. I will let you peeps know when I can’t be online for events and the like, or I am putting my full attention to another character.

Personality: On the outside she was excitable, goofy and never wastes one minute of her life in being serious. On the inside… well, she was about the same! Cloud Kicker prided herself in her role as Weather Lieutenant for Ponyville’s Weather Team; taking it upon herself to make sure everything ran smoothly when her own boss wasn’t around, which is rare. A nice mare all the same, but a bit of a joker when it came down to a good party, some cider and just getting herself into all sorts of mischief. Her rowdy behavior and somewhat questionable actions around friends and other ponies have created all sorts of rumours. All of which she cheekily agrees to!

Sample Post: The cool spring air felt good in her mane as she circled high above Ponyville; rounding up the last of the clouds needed for the today’s light shower and the help to melt the last few traces of snow that still linger since Hearth’s Warming had begun. Today had gone by like any other day, a little rough housing before work, organizing who would go where and getting some of the newbies acquainted to how things ran on Ponyville’s Weather team. Many of these said newbies were little more than transients, but still helped fill in for whomever might have called in for the day.

Now that things had begun to wind down, the part timers had begun to fly for home while the rest stayed behind to make sure everything was in order. From up above the collection of clouds stretched out like a big puffy sheet of off white and greys, Cloud admired hers and others work. A little bit of agitation here and there thanks to a pegasi’s natural abilities at weather, and they’d have great looming dark clouds within the next minute. None could really say, besides a Pegasus, how Weather control worked or how a pegasi could even channel the magic to make it work. If you’d ask Cloud, she’d just shrug and do it. It was like learning to swim, all you needed to do was just drop yourself in or work yourself into it. Instincts guided the most skilled of Weather Pegasi, whereas others sort of stumbled along and hoped they didn’t create too much havoc.

As the last cloud was nudged into place and one of the senior pegasi on the team knocked it home, the effects were instantaneous, with a little flare added in by a bright flash of lightning and rolling thunder, just to let their ground bound cousins knew what was to come; quenching rain began to pour in a gentle torrent upon the world below. Pegasi flew around the storm cloud, checking every possible angle before the okay could be given and they could all take a moment to relax.

That portion of the job done, all they needed to do was wait for the next shift to start and they could all go home for the day. Needless to say, she wouldn’t have to tell anypony twice when she saw the next shift fly in and tell the others to head home. Pegasi of all colours flew off for home in different directions, skirting the storm cloud and diving into the curtain of rain to their homes below. Some liked this more than others, while many preferred to lag behind and wait for the worst of the storm to end before heading home.

Cloud was not one of these ponies. At the first chance she flew head first into the falling rainwater and relished in the ice cold sensation. It was just what she needed to wake her up and plot her next move. It was Friday, and she’d have the weekend off just as she had been planning for the last couple of weeks. With that, only one thing came to mind…

“Time to party!”

And a pic done by Moongazeponies as a ref pic!
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Kicker's application!   Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:46 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Kicker's application!   Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:43 am

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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Kicker's application!   Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:36 pm

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Cloud Kicker's application!
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