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 (12/26/2012) Expanding the south fields.

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(12/26/2012) Expanding the south fields. Empty
PostSubject: (12/26/2012) Expanding the south fields.   (12/26/2012) Expanding the south fields. Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 5:25 am

(You see Spikey Wikey.)
> Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant! Also the best little dragon brother a unicorn could ask for.

(You see Apple Bloom.)
> wip

(You see Rainy Daze.)
> A somewhat petite little thing was this pegasus pony. Befitted with a coat of stormcloud grey from the tips of her feathers down to the ends of her long limbs, frequently seen carrying her in small, bouncing strides. Her mane and tail bore a trio of colors, black, white and light blue, kept in a short, distinctly poofy style. She was a friendly, curious pony, bright green eyes constantly on the lookout for a new friend or adventure, no matter how intimidating they may be. Cutie mark was a black cloud with a single lightning bolt, two raindrops on each side. THG

(You see Stormbright.)
> A kind pegasus, a nice pegasus, alittle bit of a headstrong pegasus. Stormbright is this pony, a slender, gray, winged-pony with a mane down to her hoof-tops and an equally long swishy tail. Stormbright is the pony with the red hair with the black streak, the pony with the stormcloud and star cutiemark. Stormbright is the pony who loves somepony else, in which that special somepony is Bloodstar. She'd explain him, but that's not her job.

(You see Ugly Bristle.)
> A lanky and tall unicorn colt, bone-white. Usually found in a cape, it can be sometimes hard to spot his cutie mark -- a musical staff and bars of music, curled into a tight spiral. His mane and tail are both long and black, his left eye yellow, his right a very pale blue. A soft red glow can be observed around his horn -- even when just what he is doing magic on is not evident. Oh -- and he has possibly the worst name in all Equestria.

Spikey Wikey finishes shovelling dirt out of a deep hole he's dug, and strains to pull a large rock from the bottom of it. "You know, Apple Bloom, when you asked me to help out with your chores I didn't realize we'd be expanding the south field." He groans as he tries again to pull the rock, not having properly undermined its foundation in the soil. "Could you gimme a hoof here?" he asks.

Apple Bloom shifted a few rocks to the edge of the progress they'd been making, grunting a bit with exhertion. Wiping a hoof over her brow, she turned to the purple dragon, giving a shrug,"We've realized that with the demand for the Apple's produce being so high, we're going ta need a lot more room for growin'. Only makes sense to start early, Ah guess." she shuffled over to his aide, reaching into the hole with hooves outstretched to help remove the large stone.

Ugly Bristle observes, with all the caution of one observing a bear, and all the creepiness of a shadowy cloaked figure in the woods. Because, well, that's what he is; other than the subtle red glow of his horn. He tilts his head, curious, but so far does not step out or say anything.

Rainy Daze was not having the best start to her day. First she had accidentally set off a freak lightning bolt and now she was missing a trinket from her collection! She'd seen it go over the edge of the clouds but hadn't quite mustered up the courage to go after it just yet. After thoroughly squinting at the surface for longer than she cared to count, she realized that just wouldn't do. So, she strapped her knapsack to her flank and fluttered her way down and out of Cloudsdale!

Stormbright trotted through the soft green grass of the side of one of Ponyville's many roads. She licked her muzzle, satisfied with her recent, most delicious, Sugar Cube Corner purchase. Sadly she couldn't carry it as she ate it but that didn't stop her from enjoying it at The Corner. Stormbright stopped for a moment to raise her right hoof to her mouth to wipe off anything left over, she wanted to be presentable to any pony passerby! Happy with herself she stuck out her wings proudly and rose herself just above the trees and onto a small cloud and rested herself on it. Well, that was her plan, but seeing the dragon of the town and a little filly nearby she creeped over curiously. Using her wings to paddle through the air in a gentle fashion she scooted the cloud gracefully over the two little ones. The dragon didn't hold her attention for long as she noticed another and dare say, unfamiliar, pegasus flitting down to the ground speedily. What kind of party is this? Stormbright rolled her eyes and leapt off, letting her wings catch wind near the ground, she stepped gingerly on the dirt which was very messy with loose soil. "Whatever are you little ones doing?" She exclaimed when she finally turned to look at them after her jump.

Spikey|Wikey manages, with Apple Bloom's help, to get the rock to budge a little. "Like you guys need a bigger area. Aren't you always just barely getting the harvest in on time anyway?" After the third time it rocks forward a little ways, shudders, then sinks back, Spike staggers back and shakes his head. "This is rediculous." He throws his claws up melodramatically. "This thing is like an Iceberg! There's gotta be a better way to do this." The sudden landing of the pegasus startles him, and he spins around. "Oh hey, I know I've seen you around town somewhere, um... Galeshine, was it? Anyway, we're just..." he waves a claw at the ground, "getting some stuff out of the way."

Apple Bloom remained half submerged in the hole as Spike retreated out of her line of site. Lunging forward, she wrapped her hooves about the rock as best she could, pushing against the earth with her hind legs to try and lift the obstacle away. She too slipped and fell back, landing with a thud on her back in a heap. Getting up ad shaking soil from her coat and mane, the little filly replied,"Ah think the rushed harvest adds a little bit more Apple family love.." she turned to the pegasusas well, offering a "howdy" in mimic of her sister, nodding in agreement to Spike's description of the chore. The rock would be a nuisance, but they'd eventually clear it.

Ugly Bristle recognized the baby dragon and smiled -- but he seemed to retreat further, even less visible. It seemed for a moment almost that the stone was upset with everyone's critiques of its moving ability, and it began to shake and lift all on its own, stirring some of the hard-packed dirt holding it in -- but then, there was a bit of a red glow around it. After a moment it stopped, and a moment even further, the white unicorn stepped out into the sun. "Sorry. Thought it would work." He pawed at the ground.

Rainy Daze finally meandered her way down to the surface, somewhat off to the side of the currently assembling group. Truthfully she hadn't intended to land near anypony else, but she swore this was the general area what she was looking for had fallen. Her ears perked as they caught the sound of other voices, calling out a "Hello!" as she trotted closer to the group tentatively.

Stormbright stepped back a tad, more ponies- and dragon, down here than she thought! Well, only by one, but still! She smiled at the little ones as they messed with the land for Celestia knows what. "Any huge purpose for wrecking the land?" She chuffed a bit, ground may not be her forte but she still liked it and liked seeing it in good condition too. She flickered her eyes about her surroundings and noticed something quite peculiar, the rock was influenced with red magic, none of these two were unicorns. She scanned the area and seen a glow from the shadows, slightly illuminating a whiteish face but that was all she could tell before the pony came out into the open. "Oh, Hi there!" A white stallion, good to know. She swiped her tail across the ground in a cleanly fashion and sat down. Oh there's that pony she seen flying down! She noted in her head as she heard a 'Hello' from the foliage. "Hello to you too, fellow pegasus."

Spikey|Wikey snaps around as another Pegasus shows up to criticise their hard work. "Wrecking? Who are you to--" then he feels his jaw drop as the stone begins to shift in the dirt by itself, then raises a claw to cheer it on as it begins to tilt over the dirt in front of it. "Come on, um... rock, you can do it! You understand what we're... Wait a second..." he stops with his claw held in the air as the red glow becomes visible, and deflates visibly as it vanishes and the stone slips back into the earth. "Hey, who was-" he starts, when his question is answered by the appearance of the odd unicorn from the Everfree. "Oh, it was you. I... kinda wasn't sure I would see you again after you vanished last time."

Apple Bloom glances around at the sudden appearance of two more ponies as well as the pegasus who now questioned what her faamily has been doing for decades now. "Wreckin' the land is hardly what we're doing..." prepared to go into a speech about how expanding fields helped provide for the good of all ponies in Equestria. However, that began to sound boring. She instead turned her attnetion to the now very interesting rock, which was now trying to emerge from it plae in the hole. She too resorted to trying to coax the thing out, before realizing the possibility of magic. Sure enough the unicorn emerged, and she waved and beamed at him, as well as the newer pegasus which emerged from the overcast of clouds.

Ugly Bristle glanced around quickly -- oh my! He edged a bit to the side, unsettled by everypony. And yes, even little harmless Applebloom, if not especially her. The pegasi! He swore, there were just swarms of them. Two's a swarm, right? "Yeah, I... uhm... I'm a little shy around Zecora." Or -- again -- everypony. Spike, being not a pony, seemed not to apply; as before, in fact, Ugly was quite curious about the baby dragon. Enough to stick around and observe both the Pegasus fillies from a distance. Rude. He didn't greet them.

Rainy Daze nodded to those who had bothered returning her greeting, but she was on a mission! Dipping the front half of her body low, she began inspecting the ground around the group for the item she'd floated down here for. Little tail twitching behind her and little wings offering her a boost here and there. She'd occasionally nose through the grass and root through the tree branches, but after a while of this she decided to settle back near the group.

Stormbright flickered her ears lazily and yawned, well, she did just eat a muffin, those are sleep inducing things! "Pardon..." She looked at the other ponies, at the rate Spike and Applebloom were going they'd probably be back tomorrow, whatever the reason the other pegasus and the unicorn maybe since he knew Spike. Maybe they'd all be back tomorrow. She definitely planned on getting another delicious muffin. "I'm sorry everypony but that muffin I had earlier really kicked in and I'm exhausted. See you all some other time?" She nodded slowly and flung out her wings, nodding her head one last time she flew lazily out to her home direction, they'd be fine.[IM OUT]

<At this time Apple Bloom's player had to log unexpectantly, and it was agreed that Applejack had called her in for the night.>

Spikey Wikey raises an eyebrow at the pegasus swooping around with her eyes on the ground, then turns back to the unicorn as Apple Bloom gallops back to the farmhouse. "Yeah, she said she thought she'd seen someone around too but they never said hello. How did it go... "Shyness is something quite rare to see, in a pony who will brave the Everfree." Then he turns as Rainy circles back toward them. "Hey, uh... did you lose something?"

Ugly Bristle mellowed considerably as the little filly was called away, tail swishing. "Yes... does she always speak like that? Everything I've heard rhymes..." He said absentmindedly, before realizing he was essentially admitting to snooping over Zecora. He cautiously approached the grey pegasus pony -- his eyes more on the ground for what she must have dropped. Surely something small.

Rainy Daze's ears perked suddenly, turning in the direction of the voice, blinking. "Y-yes...I accidentally dropped it from up there," she replied, pointing her nose almost straight upward. She tilted her head as Bristle approached, following his eyes briefly. She sighed, flopping into a seated position in the grass, head drooping slightly. "I-it's's probably too dark out to find it now anyway, I'll just wait 'til morning."

Spikey Wikey rolls his eyes. "Yeah, she always talks like that. Maybe it's some kind of Zebra thing? Who knows." He turns back to Rainy as she slumps on the ground. "If it was some kind of jewelry maybe you could talk to Rarity. She has this spell that tells her where gems and things are, I'm sure she could find it." Then he turns back to the rock jutting out of the hole, and looks up at Ugly. "Hey, while you're here, would you mind just helping out with this thing? It looked like it was almost out last time, and if I dig behind it and push it might be enough!"

Ugly Bristle inclined his head. "Is it a Sunstone or something? Invisible at night?" Apparently these things existed. According to him. Hey, it was possible; Twilight would probably know about such magical artefacts. He looked nervously to the rock. "Oh. Uh, sure..." He looked at the stone, concentrating, making quite a face of effort; his horn glowed with no change, but not the stone. He frowned, and tried again; a quick movement, a jab of his horn at the stone, but nothing. He made a more exaggerated move still, accidentally flipping his cape right over his head -- and then the stone glowed again, moving as before. "Uhm... is it working?" Well, he couldn't exactly see.

Rainy Daze sat up straighter at the mention of Rarity's spell. "R-really..? That might do the trick..there is -some- jewelry on it.." However she shook her head at the mention of a sunstone, "No, nothing like that. It's just that it was..a gift..." she trailed off vaguely before scooting closer to see what was going on. Being not far out of fillyhood as she was, there probably wasn't much she could do besides offer moral support.

Spikey Wikey digs down behind the big stone as Ugly agrees to help, propping himself and waiting for the telltale glow to start. He looks at the unicorn as he contorts himself around to try to lift the thing. "Uh... I don't mean anything by this, but... is there something wrong with your horn?" Then the stone lights up, and he shrugs. "I guess not. it looks like it's working." With that he starts to push himself, and between the leverage and the unicorn's added help, they manage to roll the stone up and out of it's sinkhole, narrowly avoiding rolling it right into the pegasus.

Ugly Bristle sighed with exertion, finally releasing the stone from his magic and awkwardly flipping his cape back where it belongs with a few more jerky movements. His horn still glowed. Hum. Maybe there wass something wrong. He looked rather tired, the way Twilight could get when she used too much magic in a day. Probably he's just overexerted himself already. "Okay... uhm, now, what exactly are you looking for? I have pretty good night vision..." His voice was very quiet. Shy colt fella.

Rainy Daze simply flapped her wings a few times, pinwheeling her legs as best as she could to glide backwards a few steps. Then she'd just as easily plant all four hooves back on solid ground and prance back to where she'd been. She hesitated at the offer of help. she didn't like troubling strangers and all, but it would certainly do a lot more good than poking around herself. "Well, it''s sort of a piece of net, but it's got things tied into it, too. Sea-things and whatnot," she explained, fluttering her wings a bit.

Spikey|Wikey scrambles up onto the rock, both in a position of victory and to put him at everypony's eye level. "Thanks you guys. We couldn't have done it without you." Apple Bloom had been too proud to just ask her family for help, but Spike knew the little filly would never have managed to move this stone by herself. He turns to the pegasus. "How big is it? I mean, somehthing like that should stand out around here."

Ugly Bristle was quite amused by how... hm. Dignified and... Official the little dragon was acting. He may have been trying not to giggle; Spike was slightly too cute to take seriously. "If there's abalone, the moon should shine off it even better than sunlight..." Huh. A pony familiar with the sea. The unicorn must have been either well-travelled or well-read.

Rainy Daze perks up again at the mention of abalone. "Oh! That's right!" There were a few fragments of it twined throughout the strings. "And it's not that big," she replied to Spike's earlier question. "Just about big enough to fit around an average mare's neck."

Spikey Wikey scrunches up his face in confusion, lacking the tendency to retain random facts that Twilight has. "Aba-what?" If no one answers, he lets it drop. "Well, if it's that big we definitely would have seen it if it fell right here. It might be caught in one of the trees around here." With that, he runs for the nearest tree and begins scrabbling up it.

Ugly Bristle glances from itty bitty Spike, scrabbling up a tree, to the grey Pegasus with frickin' wings. He glances again, then rolls his eyes at the overeager dragon and gives him a boost up with a nudge, standing on his hind legs to do so. "I didn't hear anything fall... maybe it landed in the forest and was padded."

Rainy Daze took another look around at ground level to make sure she hadn't missed anything. Then she turned in a quick circle and flew upward to just above tree level. "I didn't see anything on the way down but I'll check again!" she said before zipping off above the canopy. Though given her tendency to skip along the tops of things she may have been disturbing a number of small woodland critters.

Spikey Wikey makes his way into the upper branches, using a claw to shield his eyes and scanning about for the trinket. "I dunno, it might be too late to... hold on..." He notices a flash of white, and begins to gingerly climb out to the edge of a branch to get a closer look.

Ugly Bristle could perhaps help light the area with magic -- but then one must remember that not everypony spends their life studying it, and many unicorns are content using magic only to manipulate items. So he trots around beneath -- showing no hesitancy at the border to the Everfree Forest, in fact easily going back and forth, looking for any silvery gleams.

Rainy Daze would poke her head into the trees every so often, then continue skimming along them. She sighed, then circled back around to where she had started. She knew it couldn't have been too far, she was only a little pegasus after all, and had flown almost straight down from the clouds.

Spikey Wikey me manages a precarious hold on the very edge of one of the branches, picking at the white thing that gleamed in the moonlight. "Hey, is this it?" he asks, pulling at it only to find it attached to some kind of cord, which is badly tangled in the leaves and twigs. The branch wobbles dangerously as he pulls.

Ugly Bristle squints up at Spike, unsure of what he's got. "I can't even ... is that a necklace..." Or fishing line, or a spiderweb from the toughest, wildest spider in the Everree forest. "Woah! Careful, you'll fall!"

Rainy Daze swoops over to the site of all the commotion, hovering nearby to try and get a look through the branches. "Kinda..hard to tell from here." She backs away a flap or two as Spike tugs, in case he should go tumbling backwards. On that note, she stayed airborne nearby just in case she needed to help catch him.

Spikey Wikey inches a bit further out, causing the branch to wobble dangerously. He begins to pick away the twigs, and even an unripe apple it had caught on, but manages to pull it free. "I think this is i-Ahh!" he shouts as the branch bends down hard, then snaps up, throwing him free into the air.

Ugly Bristle bites his lip; this isn't a great idea, baby dragon, not a great idea -- his horn flares red, and in fact has been glowing this whole time without cease but he seems to hesitate -- maybe having trouble with his magic again -- not stopping or slowing Spike's fall, at least not for the moment. He does, however, shout in alarm and dismay.

Rainy Daze is, for a split second, too shocked to do anything. Recovering quickly with an exclamation of "Oh no!" she immediately fires up her wings and takes off after the dragon. Her speed was nothing overly impressive just yet, but hopefully it would be good enough. Forcing another burst of speed out of her wings, she could at least try to get within range to where he could either land on her back or grab a leg or something.

Spikey Wikey Flails as he falls, going in an arc over the field, until he's suddenly stopped as the little net catches blindly on the neck of the mare it was made for, swinging him into her chest where he grabs desperate hold of her legs with his footclaws.

Ugly Bristle winces, and then looks absolutely ashamed that he hadn't caught the little dragon. He calls up, stepping backwards with ears drooping, "Are you all right? Have you got him?"

Rainy Daze stumbled a bit, but quickly righted herself, galloping in mid-air to regain momentum without kicking Spike. Soon she fluttered back to earth, trotting several paces before reaching a stop. Nudging her surprise passenger gently to see if he was alright, she replied, "Y-yeah, I got 'im." She then lowered herself to a half-laying position. After an experience like that Spike would probably want to be as close to the ground as possible.

Spikey Wikey takes several hard breaths, at first still curled around Rainy's leg, then letting go and scrambling over to the nearby, previously disgorged rock so that he has something to anchor him to the beloved ground. It takes more than a minutes before he looks up again. "I... I'm fine... I think I just had a bit of a flashback there..."

Ugly Bristle paws nervously at the ground. Well, good flying on Rainy's part, and he's grateful for it -- but he doesn't say as much, or in fact anything. His tired, mismatched eyes seem to jump from place to place, and frowning, he withdraws further and further into the forest until suddenly he seems to disappear.

Rainy Daze simply watched Spike curiously for a moment, tilting her head a bit. Suddenly snapping back to attention, she turned to thank the unicorn for his help, only to find the space he had previously occupied completely empty. Blinking and shaking her head, she curled up into a more comfortable position. She was much too tired to fly home now, and didn't think her wings could carry her that far so soon. So, necklace safely returned, she drifted off to sleep.

Spikey Wikey managed to steady himself, and let go of the rock eventually, moving over to the pegasus to make sure she was ok. He prodded her. "Hey, are you...?" but she only rolled over slightly in response. Finding her soundly asleep, and realizing it had grown late enough that Twilight was surely beginning to wonder where he was, he snuck off toward town and the library.
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(12/26/2012) Expanding the south fields.
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